Hello there.

My name is Christopher, and I design pretty cool things.

About Christopher Mostello

Christopher is currently a UX Intern at Avanade Inc. He has most recently compeleted studying in the Human-Computer Interaction (UX) department at the College of Computing & Digital Media at DePaul University. He comes from a background of Marketing and Management, bringing a "personal touch" to the field of Interaction Design.

Some of his hobbies include photography, adventure & thrill-seeking, and interior design.

In an effort to utilize his full potential, combining his education and experience, Christopher strives to design with creativity and explore creating change within the world and within humanity.


"My work currently exists within the realms of user experience, graphic design, and marketing. From my roots in marketing I understood how to target an audience and create based on those characteristics. With my own involvement with technology from a young age, it was natural that I progressed further, and related that marketing sense into the technological realm that I have now grown within."


"I've been designing all my life. It's the growth we see overtime- that is what's important. And that is where we need focus."


Feel free to contact me directly at my available email below.
I look forward to hearing from you. Cheers!